Digital Libraries

Digital Libraries

General material

AHDS: Arts and Humanities Data Service

A UK national service funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee and the Arts and Humanities Research Board to help discover, create and preserve digital collections in all areas of the arts and humanities.

American Society for Information Science & Technology

Journal of the (then) American Society for Information Science Special topic issues: Digital libraries

  • Part 1: February 2000 vol 51, no 3
  • Part 2: March 2000 vol 51, no 4



This journal describes and evaluates sources and services available on the Internet, reports to the library community at large on progress and developments within the UK Electronic Libraries Programme, and on other JISC-funded services as well as current world-wide digital library initiatives.

Association for Computing Machinery

Communications of the ACM Digital Libraries Issues:

Beyond the Beginning: The Global Digital Library

An international conference organised by UKOLN on behalf of JISC, CNI, BLRIC, CAUSE and CAUL, 16th and 17th JUNE 1997 at THE Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, UK.

Computer 32(2) February 1999 Issue: “Digital Libraries: Technological Advances and Social Impacts”

Abstract from Current Cites: six articles including an introduction, items on three of the six NSF-funded Digital Library Initiative projects (Cornell, Stanford, and UIUC), and contributions on the JSTOR (journal storage) and New Zealand Digital Library projects.

Cover, Robin

SGML\XML Web Page [offline at Jan 2007 check]


DELOS is a Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries, partially funded by the European Commission’s Information Society Technologies Programme (IST). The main objective of DELOS is to coordinate a joint programme of activities of the major European teams working in digital library related areas.

Digital Libraries Initiative

A U.S. multiagency initiative which seeks to provide leadership in research fundamental to the development of the next generation of digital libraries, to advance the use and usability of globally distributed, networked information resources, and to encourage existing and new communities to focus on innovative applications area.

D-Lib Magazine

Digital Library Federation

A U.S. consortium of libraries and related agencies that are pioneering in the use of electronic-information technologies to extend their collections and services. They endeavour to identify standards and “best practices” for digital collections and network access; coordinate leading-edge research-and-development in libraries’ use of electronic-information technology; and help start projects and services that libraries need but cannot develop individually.

eLib: Electronic Libraries program

ELVIRA: Annual UK Digital Library Conference

First Monday
First Monday publishes original articles about the Internet and the Global Information Infrastructure.

    • May 2002 vol 7, no 5: Building Digital Communities: Web-Wise 2002; papers from the Third Annual Conference on Libraries and Museums in the Digital World sponsored by the U.S. Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and Johns Hopkins University, 20-22 March 2002, Baltimore.

Graham, Peter S.

Gross, Ben
Ben Gross’ Digital Library Information and Resources Page

IFLA: International Federation of Library Institutions and Associations

JoDI: Journal of Digital Information

hosted by the University of Southampton Multimedia Group; supported by British Computer Society and Oxford University Press.

JISC: UK Joint Information Services Committee

Klemperer, K. & Chapman, S.

  • Digital Libraries: a selected resource guide Information Technology and Libraries, (1997), vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 126-131 . [Offline at Jan 2007 check]

Learned Publishing

  • Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers

Lesk, Michael

  • Michael Lesk’s Grade Crossing on the Information Superhighway (Home Page)

Library Hi Tech

  • 1998, vol 16(3-4) Special issue on technology initiatives and community building [In Emerald online]

Library Technology Reports

  • 2002 (Sep-Oct) Vol 38(5) metadata issue

U.S. Library Of Congress

U.S. National Information Standards Organisation

Australian material

CAUL: Council of Australian University Libraries

Digitisation Forum Online

For those working in Australian art galleries, libraries, museums, archives and other public and private institutions who are engaged in projects involving digitisation; initially funded by the Department of Communications and the Arts as part of its Australia’s Cultural Network Internet project.The National Library of Australia now maintains the Database of projects.

Ianella, Renato

The MetaWeb project

The development of indexing services, user tools, and metadata element sets in order to promote the use of, and exploitation of metadata. Project partners are the School of Computer Science of the Australian Defence Force Academy (UNSW), Charles Sturt University School of Environment and Information Sciences, the Distributed Systems Technology Centre [Offline at Jan 2007 check], and the National Library of Australia.

National Library of Australia

  • PADI: preserving access to digital information


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